Divi-Modules – Text-On-A-Path does exactly what it says on the tin – puts your text on a path! Use it to make eye-catching headings, call-to-actions and tag lines.

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Choose from Arc, Quadratic and Cubic paths, as well as Wave and Ellipse and create deliciously curvy text right within the Divi Builder. Add some eye-catching curviness to your next Divi project with Divi-Modules – Text-On-A-Path.

Please Note: The animations below show how Text-On-A-Path settings function on the back-end. You cannot animate Text-On-A-Path on the front-end of your website.

“Very nice, I like it. Very simple and is nice to call attention to titles.” – Juan


Text & Guides:

Text paths are fully editable in the Divi Builder. Guides can be toggled on and off in the back-end and are always hidden on the front-end.

Path Types:

There are five path types to choose from: Arc, Quadratic, Cubic, Wave, and Ellipse.

Text Alignment:

Text can be aligned Left, Centre and Right of the Text Anchor point.

Text Anchor:

The Text Anchor point can be freely positioned anywhere along the path.

Text Baseline:

Text can be positioned vertically using the Text Baseline setting.

Text Invert:

Text can be inverted, which is useful when working with the Ellipse path.

Arc Path:

Arc Paths can be adjusted with the Arc Width and Arc Height settings.

Quadratic Path:

Quadratic Paths have two control points: X1/Y1 and X2/Y2.

Cubic Path:

Cubic Paths have three control points: X1/Y1, X2/Y2 and X3/Y3.

Wave Path:

Wave Paths can be adjusted with the Wave Width, Wave Height and Number of Waves settings.

Ellipse Path:

Ellipse Paths can be adjusted with the Ellipse Width and Ellipse Height settings.

Ellipse Fill & Stroke:

An Ellipse path can also be filled and stroked. The example below uses two Ellipse paths which have been aligned using Divi’s Absolute Position setting.

Path Styles:

Paths can be stroked with Solid or Dashed lines which can have Square or Round ends. The Text Baseline setting can be used to position text above, below or over the path.

Dashed Paths:

Dashed paths are built using the Dash Pattern setting. The numbers in the pattern represent the length of a dash, followed by the length of a gap, like this: Dash | Gap | Dash | Gap | etc… You can enter as many consecutive values as you like to make you own unique patterns.

Combine Paths:

Use Divi’s Position settings to combine two or more Text-On-A-Path modules to create interesting headings that pop!

Add some eye-catching curviness to your next Divi project with Divi-Modules – Text-On-A-Path.

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