Divi Restro Menu plugin will let you create and display your restaurant menu items using two available layouts with pagination and filterable categories.

Using the Divi Restro Menu plugin, a user can easily create attractive and delicious food item menus in no time. No coding or extra effort is required. Its custom post type support for food items and categories, allows a user to make changes to the food items’ information easily. Such as price, ingredients, description, and more without going to the page and launching the Divi builder where the layout was used.

With Divi Restro Menu, you can also create a restaurant menu with filter support. So, your visitors can easily navigate to the different food categories and items you have on the menu. Plus, many other customization options that make a restaurant menu more appealing and informative.

Divi Restro Menu plugin comes with a number of features and functionalities that are essential and helpful in designing a restaurant menu.

Two menu layouts

To give users multiple possibilities in creating a tempting food menu it comes with two beautiful food menu layouts.

1️⃣ Menu Layout 1

It allows users to add thumbnails side by side to the food description.

2️⃣ Menu Layout 2

With this layout, the user can add food items thumbnail above to the description. Gives food menus a much more appealing look.

Custom Post Type

Category filter

With Divi Restro Menu, you can choose to display your menu items with and without a category filter.

Ajax and numbered pagination

Multiple price options 🆕

Display multiple price for your menu items.

Multiple Columns

Easily Specify Price if Any Currency

Show Ingredients and Description

Show Full and Short Descriptions of Food Items

Add Thumbnails of Food Items

Free pre-built menu page layouts

Use one of the many available menu pages built using the Divi Restro Menu plugin to display your food items. These pre-built pages will help you create a complete list of menu items and are available to download from the demo site.

What kind of restaurant menus you can create with Divi Restro Menu plugin?

With this restaurant menu layout plugin, you have a number of possibilities to create food menus for various food ordering and delivery businesses. Such as,

  • Standard Divi price list
  • Coffee shop
  • Ice-cream parlor
  • Juice shop
  • Sweet shop
  • Pizza shop
  • Fruit and vegetable mart
  • And much more

Moreover, with this plugin, you’re not restricted from using it for restaurants or food businesses only. For instance, if you’re running an online tutorial website, then you can use it to showcase the courses you are selling. Or if you run a website that sells artifacts, then you can use this plugin for that purpose too. One plugin, multiple usages.

Why choose Divi Restro Menu

  • It is an easy to use lightweight solution that will fit most food businesses and let them display their menu items and price list.
  • It includes custom post types and has two layouts that will allow adding the menu items anywhere on a page using Divi builder.
  • Includes free premade menu pages customized to fit most of the food business.