Divi-Modules – Image Box lets you Scale, Crop, Rotate and Flip your images, directly within the Divi-Builder. Images can also include Titles and Captions which can be loaded dynamically from the image itself or entered manually.

Unlike the default Divi image module, which places your whole image on the page, Divi-Modules – Image Box loads your image into an image box. You set the box Size, then Scale, Crop, Rotate and Flip the image within. There are separate settings for desktop, tablet, and phone. So, your landscape image on desktop could be square on tablet and portrait on mobile.

“This plugin is brilliant and makes working with images in Divi way easier. Do yourself a favor and buy this already.” – Tom


“Very usefull.” – Christophe


“Great plugin!” – Knut


Image Box Text: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Image Box modules can include images, titles and captions. Image text can be loaded dynamically from the image itself or entered manually.

Text Position: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Image Box text can be positioned above, below, left, or right of the image.

Text Settings: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Text settings allow you to easily adjust the relationship between the image, title and caption.

Image Box Size:

Image boxes can be sized by preset ratio or custom height. Use pixel units to make fixed height images, or percentages for images that scale proportionally.

Image Size:

Images can be set to automatically fill or fit the image box or sized manually.

Image Position:

Images can be positioned horizontally and vertically within the image box.

Image Rotation:

Images can be rotated to create the perfect crop for any image.

Image Flip:

Images can be flipped horizontally, vertically or both.

Image Repeat:

Images can be set to repeat horizontally, vertically or both.

Backgrounds & Blends: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Image blend modes and separate background settings for text can further enhance your images.

Responsiveness: 🎉 NEW! 🎉

Most Image Box settings are responsive, including the text position, so you can optimize the appearance of your images for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Hover Effects:

Most Image Box settings are hover enabled so you can create your own roll-over effects.

Image Box Styles:

Separate border, background, and box shadow settings for the main module, image and text give you unlimited design possibilities.

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